Are Electronic Devices Allowed in the Dugout?

This is a common question. FastChart was originally designed to be used at the highest levels of baseball. With that in mind, we removed the ability to access the internet while you are actively using the app. Once a person leaves the app, the internet is available to the user.

There are many sanctioning bodies out there that govern the game of baseball. It is not possible show the rule for all of the leagues and organizations but we have provided a link to the NCAA rule for Baseball and Softball

How are most coaches using FastChart during a game?

Coaches use FastChart in many different ways. From the dugout we’ve found that most coaches assign an assistant coach, baseball ops or student manager, or player the responsibility to chart while in pitch sequence mode during the game. This allows coaches the ability to manage the game and still refer to FastChart during the game for pitch selection, defensive positioning, notes, comments and substitutions. While in location/velocity mode off-duty pitchers generally chart from behind the screen as they do today.For the full feature (scouting) mode, an assistant coach/student manager/parent can easily chart every pitch thrown, the outcome, and location and velocity from the behind the screen to gather opposing player and team information for future use.

How is FastChart Different Than a Scorekeeping App?

FastChart is a charting tool and does not keep score. While scorekeeping apps do collect similar data, FastChart is designed specifically for pitch calling decisions, pitcher/batter match-ups, in-game decision making, and player performance and development.

My Data is Missing or Incomplete in the Reports

In some cases, when the iPad is turned off before the application is finished saving the game, the data does not show in the reports.
To recover the data and have it shown in the reports, schedule a new game with the same team that the report is missing. Select the same players that were used in the original game and start the game. You will need to select one pitch type and then just record that pitch. (Choose interference batter safe to not disrupt the original data) After the pitch is recorded, end the game and make sure to not turn off the iPad until it has completed saving the game. Check the report page and all the data for the original game will be available.

What Paper Charts Will FastChart Replace?

If your team keeps paper charts in the dugout, you will be able to capture all of the charts on one device with no manual calculating involved. FastChart will track: Pitch Location

Pitch Velocity

Pitch Sequences

Pitch Type Tracking

Pitch Count Tendencies

Batter’s Spray Charts

Batter’s Skills (Drag, Push, and Hit & Run)

How Does it Work?

FastChart displays your pitch sequence tracking and results all on one easy to use screen. Detailed players stats are collected and displayed on your iPad as well as uploaded to your secure server for storage and analysis.

How Will FastChart Help Me?

FastChart captures charting data on your device and eliminates the need to use paper charts. The data collected can be viewed on the iPad during the game to allow you to make game decisions faster and easier. All of the calculations are done automatically, and there is no need to transfer the data to a spreadsheet or other option saving you time while improving the quality of the data. Less paperwork, more time to coach!

Who Uses FastChart?

FastChart is designed and tested by and for college, high school, and travel teams. The app can be used by any program/team that charts the game and collects stats.

How Many Games can be Stored on One iPad?

It is hard to predict how many games can be stored on a single iPad. Storage will differ from user to user and depends on what other apps are installed/running on the iPad. We believe on average an iPad can hold as many as 1000 games charted, involving up to 100 teams, with up to 60 players in each team. The FastChart development team has already been discussing an archiving feature for older game/player data which may no longer be needed.

Do I Need a Network Connection to use FastChart?

FastChart does not require a network connection to chart a game. All game data charted during the game is done without the need for wifi connectivity. After the game all data collected can be uploaded to our server for storage and reporting when a wifi connection is available.

Is FastChart Baseball available on the Android Platform?

FastChart is currently designed for use only on the iPad. However we will likely evaluate the need for an Android version in the future.

Do I Need to Sync my Data After Every Game?

All of the game data resides in the iPad. Syncing the data will allow the user to safely back up the iPad in case it’s lost or destroyed.

What Happens Once the 14 Day Trial is Over?

After experiencing everything FastChart has to offer for 2 weeks, your data will be securely saved. Your data will remain on your iPad and our servers until you sign up for an annual membership. You will be unable to use FastChart until you purchase the subscription.

Can I Upload my Roster and/or Prior Data From a .pdf or Other Format?

We currently do not have the ability to import rosters or stats from previously created files. However, we do have the ability to add spray chart data to any player’s profile page. Using the edit button above the spray chart will allow coached to manually add the data. We also have the ability to add pertinent data to the Batter and Pitcher scouting report in the profile page as well. All of the scouting report data is user defined and can be changed by tapping in any of the boxes.

Do I Have to Purchase a Subscription for Each Team?

FastChart is designed to be used as a single team app. All reporting and stats are designed to assist a coach to make decisions about their players and how they perform against their opponents. All data is stored on the iPad and is not available to share between iPads. To share the data, users can go to the report page and select to share via pdf format or csv for spreadsheets. If you are a program that has multiple teams or coaches, each additional iPad will act as a separate team even though you may have purchased a multi-user subscription.

Will FastChart Work on my iPad Mini, or iPad Pro?

FastChart Baseball will work on the iPad Mini, but is currently not supported on the iPad Pro.

Is FastChart Only Used During Your Team’s Games?

FastChart is not just used in game mode alone. There are many features of the application that are just as useful to a coach. FastChart has the ability to be used in “scout mode” by allowing you to chart teams apart from your own. FastChart can be very useful to coaches during inter-squad games too.