NCAA Baseball Rules Regarding Electronic Devices

Rule 5 Section 2 – f

  1. Nonuniformed team personnel may sit in the stands for the purpose of charting pitches, using radar guns or videotaping a contest. Games and individuals shall not be videotaped from the team’s dugout. Any scouting information shall not be transmitted to the playing field or to team personnel. Rule 5 / The Game-Its beginning and ending 47 A team may film or videotape its own game but not games involving other teams. The use of manned video cameras is restricted to the area behind home plate — defined as that area from the outfield cutout behind first base to the outfield cutout behind third base. Filming from beyond this area toward the outfield or any point beyond the outfield fence or wall is not permitted — with the exception of television cameras for the broadcast of a game, including internet broadcasts and video boards. Monitors for viewing live or taped video during a game are prohibited from the dugout or bench area, and all adjacent areas (i.e., athletic training rooms, locker rooms, etc.).

Note 1 Video and communication equipment used to transmit information between coaches, coaches and players, scouts or other team personnel shall not be allowed for intercollegiate competition. Video for scouting, training or teaching purposes may be recorded from any unmanned camera location. No video from manned or unmanned sources may be transmitted for scouting, training or coaching purposes during the contest.


Note 2 The use of telephones, cellular phones, walkie-talkies, etc., is permitted for two-way communication between a team’s dugout or bench and bullpen.


Note 3 Televisions and any live broadcast (e.g., Internet streaming) shall be turned off in the dugout and clubhouse during a game.


Note 4 In-stadium pitch-speed monitors may be used in all games.


PENALTY for f.—The umpire first should warn the violator(s). If the violator(s) does not immediately comply with the rule, the individual(s) shall be removed from the stands or shall receive a post-participation ejection.