April 16, 2016

In the relatively short time FastChart Baseball has been on the market, we have been receiving great feedback. This is why we have created new purchasing options to accommodate all users.

Many of our customers have asked for the ability to pay with a purchase order. We understand many coaches may not be issued a credit card to use for discretionary purchases. By contacting us through our “Contact” page, we can begin a dialogue to get the funding handled and coaches using the app as soon as possible.

We have also changed the subscription policy for those programs that only play during a portion of the year and/or have multiple teams. We want every program interested in using the product to embrace the potential benefits for their team at the right price point.  In addition, we now provide multiple team pricing for those programs that have more than one team in their organization.

FastChart will always listen to it’s customers and try and provide the best customer service possible. We also want to hear feedback from it’s users so we can provide future updates that the baseball/softball community needs to make this product the standard in charting.