March 8 2017

We met Coach Larry Murray when we asked him if he’d like an online demo of FastChart Baseball.  Larry had already downloaded his free trial, and had charted a few scrimmages.  He said he would, and we scheduled a time.

Coach Murray has been a high school baseball coach in Northern California for nearly 30 years.  Prior to his coaching career, Larry was drafted in the third round by the NY Yankees out of high school.  He played all or part of 6 seasons with the Yankees and the Oakland A’s.  So let’s just say that the guy knows a thing or two about baseball!

Before the demo, Larry told us that he had heard about us from some other coaches- “I’ve been coaching baseball for a long time, and I’ve used every new tool that has come along” he said.  “But most of them were either too expensive, or didn’t really give me the information I wanted.  You guys seem to have come up with what I’ve been looking for all of these years, but let’s see! ”

During the demo, we show coaches how to set-up rosters, opponents, games and the usual boring stuff.  But what we really want them to see is the full capability of what FastChart really does, and how they and their players can benefit.  “Young kids today need us old-timers more than ever” he said.  “These travel ball teams are not teaching these kids any fundamentals at all”.

So when we got to the point in the demo where Larry saw the depth of the player data that FastChart collects and calculates, and how easy it is to use, he was sold!  And we learned what Coach Murray’s favorite word is.  It’s “Wow!”  We don’t normally count the number of adjectives coaches use to describe us.  But let’s just say the over/under for Larry was 23!

“The information I can get from FastChart is exactly the kind of data I can use to help develop my players.  And it’s always available right on my iPad”.  When we asked Coach Murray if we could use his kind words for this article, he graciously agreed- “I will because you have the product that I love and I would love to talk about it”.

Well Coach, you just did!

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