February 10, 2017

In keeping up with requests from coaches, we have added to our list of metrics in the cumulative report section. Below is a list of new metrics we added in our V2 update. Our long list of data has just been enhanced to help coaches make game changing decisions. We have also reorganized the metrics into useful categories allowing coaches to find the data they are looking for quickly and easily. When sharing .csv reports, the metrics will appear in the same categories making evaluating players much easier. Along with updating the metrics, we have given the ability to change your “Team Profile “name while in the player profile screen.

Below is a list of the new metrics:
Pitcher Report
* Fly Ball Percent
* Line Drive Percent
* Pop Up Percent;
* Bloop Percent
* 1-1 Challenge
* 2-0 Challenge
* 3-1 Challenge
* Ground Ball Double Plays
* Batting Avg For Balls In Play
Batter Report
* Lead Off On Base Percent
* At Bats Per Extra Base Hits
* At Bats Per Home Runs
* Isolated Power
* First Pitch Swings
* First Pitch Swings At Fastball Percent
* First Pitch Swings At Off Speed Percent
* First Pitch Swings Percent

Bug fixes

– Changed the player detail in the cumulative report to show new scouting information . Showing the Main screen report details of the batter and pitcher for each player.
– Applied the fix for the spray chart, where the changes made in the player profile, will not show in the game charting screens for the Pitch Sequence mode and Full feature mode.
– Added a new note “ Tap on the Button to enable selection ,Do not swipe right” on the Enter line up screen for home team and visitor team
– Added ability to edit the Team name in the player profile page. You can now edit the team name in the player profile and hit apply and it will update the team name for all the players in the team.