We’ve all heard the saying- sometimes you have to spend money to save money.  It’s sometimes hard to understand that concept, until you sit down and do the math.  And that’s exactly what one of our customers did recently, and even we were surprised at the numbers.

He’s a high school coach in Texas who prefers to remain anonymous.  Coach said, “Buying FastChart is a slam dunk for me.  My assistants and I do our paper charting as most coaches do, and then we run several copies of each chart to share amongst ourselves and the players.  By the time our season is finished, I’ve spent over $80 just in copying costs.  And that’s not including the time it takes us to do it”.

At FastChart, we’re not big fans of paper.  In fact, we really don’t like it.  So we never gave much thought to how FastChart can save you money.  We focus our attention on digitally capturing the player and game data that coaches need before, during and after the game.   So not only do you save money when you purchase FastChart, you help to save trees too!

“Saving money is always good, but the access we get to real-time game and player data is just as important to us”, Coach said.  “FastChart costs $49 for a 3 month subscription so like I said, it’s a slam dunk.”

So run your own numbers and see for yourself, download a free trial from the App Store.

FastChart Baseball.  Save money.  Save trees.