August 9, 2016

Here at FastChart Baseball, we would like to thank all of the coaches that participated in a recent survey. The survey has been a tremendous help in guiding the direction of the company and future changes to the product. Respondents provided their opinions about all facets of the app. Every comment provided us was given much thought as we look to make changes in the functionality and layout of FastChart Baseball.

Our goal remains the same as when we put down the roots of our company. Provide a quality product for coaches at all levels, and maintain a high level of customer service. We encourage anyone who sees value in our product to give us some feedback on how we can make our baseball charting tool better.

Our team is working diligently on a few enhancements to make FastChart Baseball more user friendly and functional in the dugout setting. We believe these enhancements will make the iPad app more conducive to integrating new technology into the current way coaches collect and use data.