February 24 2017

As Lou Pavlovich, Jr., Editor of Collegiate Baseball News recently wrote-

“One of the most important rule changes in high school baseball history will take place beginning in 2017”

As most of us know by now, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has mandated that each State have a pitching restriction policy beginning in 2017.  The policy requires a pitch count limit combined with a rest period.  Each State is tasked with developing its own policy, as well as determining how best to monitor and comply.

One of the biggest challenges for teams affected by this policy will be to determine who and how pitch counts are collected and reported.  Ron Davini, Executive Director , National High School Baseball Coaches Association has said that the most important aspect of such a change will be utilizing pitch counters who pay attention in games.  “This entire pitch count system ultimately must be done in an easy to manage fashion for all.  This will be sorted out in 2017”.

Chip Dill, Founder of FastChart Baseball says that the answer to measure and monitor pitch counts doesn’t need to be complicated.  “Coaches using FastChart have the ability not only to collect pitch counts for both pitchers in a game, but to also collect the number of pitch types thrown, innings pitched, pitches per plate appearance and much more.”

In fact, FastChart is creating a customized report specifically for monitoring and sharing pitch count related data between teams and governing bodies. “We have decided that we want to be on the forefront of providing solutions to the pitch count challenges for high schools across America”, said Dill.

FastChart Baseball is a digital charting and game management application that allows coaches to collect and manage game and player data in real time using a standard iPad.  It tracks and stores nearly 200 cumulative player metrics, and allows a coach to see every pitch and outcome charted over the course of a player’s career.