February 12, 2016

FastChart Baseball continues to enhance the features provided in our new app. We recognize how important it is to look at data on a pitch by pitch level. That is why we have restructured the work flow on the main screen to insure we are capturing all the data available to coaches. Now that we are capturing the information, we can report on all the useful data.

To access the data, the user will go to the report section. Under the Pitcher Reports at the bottom of the page. Users will find the pitch location reporting screens. Select the player you want to learn about and a new screen will pop up with numerous options.

The pitch location reporting page allows the user to filter the data by pitch type. Users can also tap on the pitch location dots to populate the specific pitch information screen. Here, there user will find pitch type, batters name, count, velocity, spray chart and result of that pitch. To gain access to this new feature, download the latest version offered through the App Store.