October 21, 2016

Since we launched FastChart Baseball in January, the response from coaches at all levels has far exceeded our expectations.  As a result, we’ve received invaluable feedback from those coaches as to what we can do to make FastChart even better.  So we’ve begun working on Version 2, which we’re targeting for a January 2017 release.  V2 will feature some significant enhancements that we thought you may be interested in hearing about.

Charting Options– you will now be able to select from one of three charting options; Pitch Sequence/Spray Chart, Location and Velocity, or Scouting (full function) mode.

Multiple Users– different coaches will be able to chart the different modes at the same time, so your pitching coach can chart pitch sequences while a player/coach/parent behind the screen charts location and velocity. And if you are out scouting a future opponent, the Scouting mode allows you chart everything from outside the dugout.

User Defined Scouting Fields– one of the great features of FastChart is the ability to see player scouting information on your charting screen during a game.  V2 will enable you to define what information you want to see during the game, and allow you the ability to make player and game notes in real time.

Look Ahead Feature– will allow you to select any player in the lineup at any time and view his scouting information, allowing you more visibility in how to prepare for the next at bat.

Pitch Code /Catcher Wristband Generator– the pitch code generator will be replaced and V2 will simply track what pitch type was thrown.  This makes it easier to track pitches for both teams.  We are creating a new, separate pitch code product that will allow you to create customized pitch cards on your iPhone or iPad. No more need to check off pitches from a sheet of paper. The app will cycle to the next pitch code automatically!

More Pricing Options- we will be offering several new pricing options with V2 based around the number of users as well as a monthly option for those teams with shorter seasons.


Thanks to our many customers who have helped us define these new features.  And for those of you who have not yet tried FastChart, we encourage you to have a look.  Download your free 2 week trial, give it a try and let us know what you think!