FastChart Baseball is Excited to Announce the Release of Version 2.0

After months of feedback from our customers, FastChart Baseball V2 has been redesigned to allow more flexibility in how and what coaches want to chart. We’ve created three separate charting modes-

  • Pitch Sequence & Spray Charts (most likely used in the dugout)
  • Pitch Location & Velocity (Most likely used behind the catcher)
  • Scouting Mode-Full Feature (Can be used behind catcher or possibly the dugout)

This allows coaches the flexibility to gather the data from different vantage points. Prior to starting a game, users will choose which mode they will be using for that particular game. And each team can now have multiple users charting at the same time.

The scouting report feature has been entirely revamped. Coaches now have complete control over what gets displayed in the scouting report area on the main screen during a game. New buttons will take you to an individual player’s profile page during a game. From there, you can access a spray chart and an expanded scouting report for any player.

We’ve also added the ability to make player and game notes in real time during the game. These notes will be captured and displayed on the player’s profile. And the new “look ahead” feature allows you to look at any player’s profile in either lineup at any time during the game.

Reporting has been upgraded and made easier to use. While the Cumulative Statistics have not changed, we have introduced a new way to share the data. Users can still use the .PDF format if desired or a .CSV file that can be downloaded and manipulated in a spreadsheet of their choice.

We have also added a new Game Log Report to V2. The Game Log is a pitch by pitch report that can be accessed before, during or after a game. The Game Log Report is a very useful tool to evaluate a player’s performance or use as a teaching tool when talking to your players. Filter the data to any individual that has played in the game. Every pitch is shown in chronological order regardless of what player you are viewing. Information available in the Game Log Report include Pitcher/Batter names and number, pitch type and count, velocity, result and an image of pitch location and spray chart if applicable.

We have simplified the setup process by reducing the number of mandatory fields to allow for quick and easy team setup.

The game scheduling setup has been simplified as well making it much quicker to add games and get started.

Based on coach feedback, we have removed the automated pitch code generator. Now you simply record what pitch type was thrown, and that leads you through the workflow of capturing the result. We will be introducing a new digital pitch code system in 2017. Finally, we have changed our pricing structure to better serve our diverse user community. Now you can choose your subscription based on the number of users and duration which allows us to lower the cost. Visit for more information on pricing.