In keeping with our pledge to listen to our customer’s needs, FastChart has once again made good on our promise.  Version 4.0 has improved the most important aspect of the charting process.  Statistical evaluation is now much easier and focused on what you need.  A recent overhaul of the cumulative stats now allows coaches to filter the data and evaluate player performance more quickly and with more flexibility.

FastChart is recognized as the easiest, affordable and most powerful charting tool on the market.  Now evaluating player stats has become even better.  Recent changes to FastChart allows coaches to select an individual player or players and then select the game or games they wish to review.  This ability to filter gives a coach much more freedom to create custom reports.  Manipulating spread sheets are now a thing of the past when you use FastChart.  Create a report in seconds and compare performances for both your and opposing players.

New in V 4.0-

Player and Game Stats

In addition to a player’s cumulative stats, you can now filter any player by game or by groups of games allowing the ability to measure performance improvement over time.

Changed “Automated Scouting Report” to show (All, Last 5, and Last 10) games in the report.


Improved the “End Game” process.  All data is now instantly saved once the end game icon has been pressed.  No more need to wait for the app to finish calculating that game’s stats.

Enhanced the data retrieval process.  No more risk of losing your data if you need to replace or upgrade your device.


We appreciate and need your feedback.  It’s how we continually improve FastChart.  So be sure to update your version today.  It’s easy and free with your subscription.

Thanks again for your business, and we hope that you enjoy the improvements!