University of Rhode island

“Technology has integrated its way into every aspect of baseball; from recruiting, scouting, and video analysis, technology has simplified the way we do things. The next logical step is to bring this technology into the dugout. Fast Chart has been able to integrate all the charting we utilize and pitch calling into one easy app to make game management more efficient. With Fast Chart, we’re able to make the right decision on the field in the quickest amount of time. No more flipping through charts or compiling info after the game, everything is available right in front of you”.

Sean O’Brien, Recruiting Coordinator/Asst. Baseball Coach

Orange Coast Community College CA

“I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to contribute ideas for the initial design of FastChart so I know what value it can bring to coaches at all levels.
The amount of information captured and stored on the application is even greater than what we manually chart today, and we will now be able to upload the data to our server, analyze the information we need, and download it back to our tablets for use in practice and games.”

John Altobelli (Alto) – Head Coach

Farragut High School

FastChart is the best product I have used for compiling information. It combines all of the information I need in an easy to use app and saves huge amounts of time. Love using the app.

Daniel Sharp, Pitching Coach

University of West Virginia

“I consider Fast Chart the best out there. It’s easy and will give you all the information you need for scouting, developing and teaching. I recommend to coaches at all levels to take advantage of what it has to offer”.

Dave Serrano, Pitching Coach / Head Coach Team USA 2012

Monmouth University

“FastChart takes pre-game, in-game, and post game analytics to a whole new level.  It generates in depth scouting reports to help in game pitch calling, defensive positioning, and player tendencies.  FastChart eliminates multiple in-game charts, and provides us with an efficient way to be as prepared as possible for each game.”

Brady Kirkpatrick – Pitching Coach

Walters State Community College TN

“FastChart is the best way to get all the scouting information we need in order to give us a competitive advantage over our competition. It takes all the paperwork and hassle of charting and puts it into a simple user friendly program.  The detailed reports that can be generated from FastChart are convenient and give our pitchers a better chance to be successful moving forward.”

Sean Robinson – Pitching Coach

Davidson Academy

” FastChart is not another scoring application, but rather is designed to allow me to chart the game and manage that data more effectively.  After years of trying to make a scoring app fit my needs, FastChart gives me the information I need when I need it.”

Dennis Winn – Head Coach

University of San Francisco

“Fast Chart has finally brought technology into the dugout in an effective and efficient manner. This app not only allows you to access the information needed to make game time decisions but it allows you to communicate those and update them in real time. Fast Chart not only allows us to make more informed decisions during the game but will also save us valuable time during the preparation process.”

Matt Hiserman – Pitching Coach

Keystone College

“When I first saw the prototype design of FastChart, my team and I immediately saw that this product was very different from anything we’d seen in the past. This tool will virtually eliminate the need for paper charting both inside and outside the dugout, and more importantly FastChart brings all of the data we need to make better decisions before, during and after a game onto one easy to use tablet application.”

Jamie Shevchik, Head Coach – Also Brewster Whitecaps (Cape Cod Baseball League)

Cal Baptist University

“An EXCELLENT choice! It’s fast and easy to use- a great time saver. It computes and stores all of your stats for immediate access.”

Entire Coaching Staff 

Farragut High School

“FastChart is a state of the art scouting system which will organize and compile stats over time , in which will ultimately allow coaches to use this information more efficiently, while eliminating mass amounts of paper mess”.

Matt Buckner –  Head Coach